About Our Studio

Asobimasu is an ever growing range of handmade ceramics in Melbourne. Crafting vases and tableware with a timeless aesthetic. With a background in floristry, we hold an affinity and focus on creating bespoke ceramic vases for florists and floral lovers alike. Read more about our studio below.

Hand Crafted Ceramics

Designed & made by Kate Brouwer & her team. Each piece handmade, trimmed, glazed and fired in our Melbourne Studio.

Design Process

Asobimasu is designed with intention toward lasting beauty. Each piece is meticulously thought through with rigorous testing & creative processes before being brought into production.

Using strong Stoneware based clay bodies that will last and bear beauty for many years to come.


Encased in fluffy laters of shredded cardboard and honeycomb paper. We keep your pieces safe whilst being environmentally friendly. All our custom designed boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard & eco friendly inks.

Design Ethos

Creating products that last.
We believe in products that bring beauty and life to their living environment, with a focus on longterm functionality. We forecast timeless design and have been producing our core range for over five years.

This means you can start your Asobimasu collection today and continue to collect for many years to come.

Sustainability measures

We believe in sustainability & durability. We use Australian materials and locally sourced clay bodies. As well as firing to a low stoneware, ensuring the longevity of our kiln while maintaining the integrity of each ceramic piece.

In studio, all ceramic waste materials are recovered, recycled and formed into new works.

Specialty Clay Blends

We use a variety of clays to blend together for each range of work. Using groggy stoneware bodies for strength, with elastic clay bodies for great throwing qualities. Each tone & clay body is chosen to create the perfect blend for each item.


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