Ikebana With Asobimasu

Playing with vessels and tools within our Ikebana range, Kate shares simple and playful insights into arranging flowers in your home.

Kate Brouwer is the ceramic designer and florist behind each conceptual vessel. Combining her love for flowers and ceramics into each Asobimasu design.
Watch below for guides on arranging with our vessels.

The Kaiketsu Vase

The Kaiketsu Vase is unique in form and function. Walls inspired by the art of creative floral arranging. Watch below to learn how you too can create effortlessly stunning arrangements for your home.
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Arranging with our Kaiketsu Vase

The Lotus Pod Vessel

Each Lotus vessel is designed to uniquely hold floral and branch cuttings. In this video Kate shares about the use and function of this vessel. Showing how to arrange flowers within it and the inspiration behind its Ikebana influence.
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Arranging in our Lotus Pod Vessel

The Kyokusen Vase

Kate shares about the function of the playful cuts and curves of this unique vessel. How to create simple and effective arrangements within the bending walls of the Kyokusen vase.
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Arranging in a Kyokusen Vessel

Kenzan & Ikebana Bowl Sets

A more traditional style Ikebana arrangement using Kenzans, or metal flower frogs. Kate shares about the functionality of these flower tools, discussing how the weight and pins should be considered when creating an arrangement.
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Arranging With Ikebana Kenzans

Ikebana Bowl & Bulb Sets

This particular vessel is a two pieces set. We create them in two styles, deep bowl and flared bow. It is a matched glaze set of both flower frog & vessel. Today Kate shares an arrangement in the deep bowl & bulb set in oatmeal glaze.
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Arranging with our Bowl & Bulb set

My vase arrived and it is absolutely perfect, I love it so much and wanted to thank you it is just beautiful!

Tracey Customer

This range is to die for!

Morgan Industry Florist


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