A Peek into Handmade Studio Life

Each new piece begins with a plan. Knowledge about which clay will be used and the glaze fit to reach the desired result. We understand how many grams of clay will be needed to get the exact shape and length out of the clay. Knowing how and when each piece begins, allowing ample time in our making schedule to complete our work for drying before the week is done.

The studio is alive with ideas, creative energy and an empty kiln awaiting to be filled with hand made ceramics.

hands sculpting clay on the wheel
We begin with deciding what will become of the clay for that day. Taking lumps of earth, we spin the pottery wheel and craft the very ceramic pieces you find in-studio and on our web-store.

With each piece, comes a range of creative steps, all the way to finishing the products. See below for more about our studio production cycle....

Each component of our production cycle is completed on site by our knowledgable team, taking years of learning into application.

1. We prepare & weigh the clay to suit the chosen form
2. We throw and form the clay on the wheel
3. Next is trimming & carving back to reveal the final shape
4. Drying & bisque firing, this readys the form for glazing
5. We coat each piece in the appropriate chosen glaze finish
6. Final firing, where clay turns to ceramic & raw material to glass, creating the final glaze finish. 

Once the kiln has closed & is ready for it's final firing, this is where the magic happens! With each week, we wait with baited breath to remove the bungs and open our kiln door. Join our mailing list for regular updates about what's coming out of our kiln.

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