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For those of you who haven't met me, my name is Kate Brouwer, maker & mother behind all that is created here at Asobimasu. I've most recently been on leave, awaiting the arrival of my son Jasper who was born in mid June. We had an incredible birth experience, enjoying the richness of an eventful home birth, which was in stark contrast to the birthing story I experienced with my daughter during covid lockdowns.

Having taken some time to step back & ponder all that I've been doing over the past few years since becoming a mother as well as contemplating what I've built in Asobimasu, I'm ready to take on some new directions. Clearing space for creativity and to nourish my short hours that I spent in the studio. With the balance of time, motherhood & creativity becoming even more precious, I'm ready to move into this new chapter & bring Asobimasu along with me to grow & change.

See me below with daughter Acacia & son Jasper.

In this new chapter, I'm excited to prune back some of our current offerings at Asobimasu, making space for new ideas to take root & for creativity to flourish.

Before I share more about some of the new directions for Asobimasu, I want to share first some beautiful images captured by Jessica Prescott in recent photoshoot at home with my young family. Thank you for taking the time to see our lives behind the veil of what is Asobimasu.

Below, drawing with Acacia in the afternoon light

Between the pockets of what can sometimes be mundane family life, we find joy. Seeking enjoyment of one another in the day to day activities of parenting, creating and eating together.

With a busy toddler in tow, we often find our way out to the backyard; petting, feeding and thanking our garden and chickens for the vibrancy it brings to our home and delight we share in with our children. Below are a few pictures of our hens; Joan, Frida, Sooky, Rhonda & midnight. They bring a country style vibrance to our suburban inner city home.

We're so grateful for all that we've built as a family & especially that we're all so deeply rooted in creative outlets. My partner Jace is a home brewer & furniture maker with a commercial background in whisky industry, crafting spirits with lots of local brands. With two young children to keep us pondering about the future, I'm excited to see where our endeavours take us. Thank you for joining us as we embark on a new chapter as a family & as I develop Asobimasu into something sustainable for my future as a mother & a maker.

Love & creativity,


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